What's Holding Your Bow?

The U-Slide Bow Holder was developed to fill a much needed gap in the bow hunting industry. Unlike other bow holders the U-Slide securely keeps your bow close to you so it minimizes movement. It features a self starting screw that makes it easy to mount into the tree. It will not fall down or swing away like other hangers. The U-Slide is so versatile it can be used to hold your bow while hunting from a tree stand or ground blind. The U-Slide is 100% American Made at our facility in South Carolina.

I have been bow hunting for nearly 30 years and have used just about every conceivable product on the market to hold my bow while hunting. In all that time I have found nothing that compares to the U-Slide Bow Holder. Works everywhere I hunt, treestands, ground blind, my homemade box blind. I use it while I am target practicing. I have a couple of spare ones with camera mounts for additional angles while filming. They are absolutely the best and most universal

Kenneth Baltzell

About Us

Pete Gutowski


 I have been a sportsman and hunter for over 30 years and a bow hunter for slightly over 15 years. When I first began using a bow, I fell in love with the sport and quickly decided that bow hunting would be my primary way of hunting. I love the challenge and the heart racing adrenaline as the animal moves into shooting range.

I have been on a few hunting trips where I have taken only my bow. On one recent hunting trip to Canada for black bear, I found myself sitting in a wooden ladder stand for numerous hours each day, using the typical screw in bow hanger to hold my bow. As I extended my arm to reach for my bow, the bears would see my movement and quickly run off. I soon discovered I had no other choice than to hold my bow on my lap. I thought there has to be a way to hold my bow close to my body so that I didn’t have to move a lot to get the bow into my hand. After sitting in the stand for the next few days, I began thinking of ways to fix this problem. With the help of my wife Dawn (who is also a bow hunter) we developed a new type of bow holder. After a few design changes and some testing, we ultimately perfected our model. The U-Slide Bow Holder was born.

Over the last few years, we began to expand our current product line and now feature numerous products developed around the original U-Slide. We are continuously working, turning new thoughts and ideas into products hunters and sportsmen alike can use for generations to come.

Whether it’s a new bow or a pair of hunting socks all hunters take pride in purchasing the best equipment they can afford. I was always told that if you build a quality product at a reasonable price, you’ll have a customer for life. Each U-Slide Bow Holder is built and assembled at our facility in South Carolina “by a bow hunter for bow hunters” with the same American pride our country was founded on.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. If you have any questions or need more information please give me a call. I would love to hear your stories or comments.

Thanks and Happy Hunting